About Twister

TWISTER was started back in 1980 in a little shed at the back of Michael's Grandmother's house. In this humble shed Michael worked for hours building prototype water skis. After extensive testing on water as well as on testing rigs, the first ski in the world to feature molded-in graphics was produced...

The name of the ski was 'TWISTER' Before long the word spread and South Australian Tournament skiers were desperate to ride the TWISTER ski. A few that rode the TWISTER included CRAIG IRONS, GREG ZEISHANG and SIMON HILL.

FIRST - it was the state record
NEXT - it achieved an Australian record
MOOMBA MASTERS RECORD ( the first ski to complete the 35' line length)

DANNY KIDDER of KIDDER SKIS was so impressed he invited Michael to tour his factory in the USA showing him where to source the world's best materials. HERB O'BRIEN of O'BRIEN and later HO was aware of this new ski from Australia and offered Michael his new range of HO skis to sell when he returned to Australia.

Above is a photo of Michael hard at work in his Grandmother's shed.

ML Flyer 727

ML Flyer 727
Deflated Size: 56"


Ride on top designs, the fastest and loosest ride’s in the ML range. Thin low profile built for speed. Sit, kneel or lay down. Ride it anyway you like! BUT HANG ON!!!
  • Built from 24 gauge PVC inner tube and 420 denier nylon outer cover.
  •  Seams electronically welded.
  • Four padded handles with neoprene knuckle guards.
  • Quick connect tow attachment.
  • Quick dump boston valve with concealing flap.
  •  Neoprene padded deck panels.
  • Ezy Up webbing straps

Jobe Double Trouble

Jobe Double Trouble
Deflated Size: 76"x 60"

  • 840D Nylon cover
  • Heavy-duty PVC
  • 4 EVA foam filled webbing handles with neoprene knuckle guards
  • 1 air chamber and 1 safety chamber
  • Water drain
  • covered "Boston" valve
  • "Quick connector"
  • Rider capacity: 2 person

Jobe Tornado

Jobe Tornado
Deflated Size: 80"

  • 840D nylon cover
  • Heavy-duty PVC
  • 3 Comfortable neoprene pad
  • 6EVA foam filled webbing handles with neoprene knuckle guards
  • 6 flat webbing handle strips
  • 1 air chambers
  • 2 water drains
  • covered "Boston" valve
  • "Quick Connector"
  • Rider capacity: 3 people