Barefoot International
Boom Bars / Training Bars

If you are new to water skiing, you may not know what a barefoot boom is. But if you have ever been frustrated with trying to teach someone or learn to get up on combo skis, learn to get up on a slalom ski, a kneeboard, learn to get up wakeboarding, or even learn to barefoot, then you will want a barefoot boom to be your next purchase. A Barefoot International boom will last forever and you will become the go-to-guy for learning.

We sell the Barefoot International Boom Bars for

delivered to your door.
Please call us or email us so we are able to work out which boom will fit your boat. Emailing us some pictures of where your centre ski pole is in relation to your windscreen will also help.

Barefoot boom bar

barefoot boombar

ski boom bar

Ski barefoot boom bar

boom bar

boom bar barefoot

boom bar