The Seahorseski Pack is the ultimate waterski experience.
The Seahorse helps by lifting and supporting the skier in a comfortable seated position, enabling the correct skiing position instantly.

The Seahorse is a very efficient method of skiing as the skier does not need to be constantly retrieved from the water and restarted. You will get up and waterski. You don't need to sit in the water, you are always on top.
It can also be use to help learn how to single ski.

It attaches to any boat with a boom.

The adjustable clamp has a range of between 25mm – 40mm.

 "NEW WAY TO WATERSKI"                    


  •   adjustable leg for different height skiers
  •   detachable kids handle to keep the little ones in the correct position
  •   quick attaching clamp to suit most boom diameters (25- 42mm)
  •   comfortable neoprene seat padding
  •   strong and lightweight construction with marine compatible components
  • Proudly Australian Made.
  •   1 Seahorse Pro Bar with
  •   1 Seahorse carry bag
  •   Detachable handle
  •   Adjustable leg
  •   1 Boom sleeve
  •   1 Instruction Manual and Safety guide